Trish Becker’s Harbour Island Itinerary

Trish Becker's Harbour Island Guide_Shop Eat Stay

New York based, Bahamas inspired jewelry designer Trish Becker gives us the insider scoop on Harbour Island. An island she regularly calls home.

Only a local would know...That “Beyond the Reef”is the perfect place for Sunset cocktails.

My favourite restaurant is...Sip Sip on Sundays for boiled fish or The Landing for their ricotta hotcakes breakfast. In the evenings Rock House for their Turtle Pie dessert.

And stay is...A hard toss up between The Landing and Rock House.
My all time favourite room, anywhere in the world, is The Attic at the Landing. The room glows.

And boutiques are...The Blue Rooster and the Sugar Mill. I could spend hours in each.

And top three travels essentials are...A Quadrille beach bag, 15$ panama hats – usually found in the Nassau airport, and L’Oreal BB cream – it’s a sunscreen and moisturizer in one so no more sun burns.

And of course, Experience...An afternoon boat ride through the bay accompanied by a swim in the cut diving for conch. Turtle spotting at Whale Point and a stop at Bottom Harbour Club for cocktails and conch fritters. Yes, that might be the most perfect way to spend a day.

Left to right: Rosary and three coral pendant, Trish Becker Jewelry; the attic room at The Landing, Cookie Kinkead; The Sugar Mill logo; Rock House Hotel Logo; blue rooster, by Steve Duffy Designs; Trish Becker Chinitz, by sister Elle Becker; Quadrille bag, by Quadrille Fabrics. 

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