Hibiscus Drink Stirrer

A few inquisitive, thirsty minds have asked how I assembled the over-the-top hibiscus drink stirrer that recently canopied this salt-rimmed glass. Using inexpensive bamboo skewers, these easy to assemble stirrers add a touch of tropic flair to any cocktail. And when not in use, the skewered flowers can sit in waiting in a small vase, bringing some added height to your bar cart or drinks table.

Taking in to account the height of the glass, use a sharp knife to cut the bamboo skewer down to the appropriate length. Bend the skewer at the incision point and snap in two.¬†Taking a lemon or lime, slice the fruit from top to bottom. You’ll want the slice to be about half a centimeter thick. Then spear it with the the pointed tip of the skewer.

Finally, carefully spear the base of the hibiscus bud.

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