DIY: Sea Urchin Napkin Rings

Of the many reasons to have loved planning our own Island “I Do”, nearing the top of the list was the fact it put our resourcefulness and creativity to the test. In and of itself the same can be said about daily island life, for it constantly requires us to exploit our imagination as retail-conveniences have their limits on a seven by twenty-one mile long island. Created with such thought and the budget conscious couple in mind, the sea urchin will double as a unique gift for guests.

Items needed: 17+ inch square napkins, sea urchins, roll of ribbon orĀ sisal twine, and scissors.
Step 1: Taking a square napkin fold at the middle towards you, creating a rectangle.

Step 2: Facing the horizontal rectangle, starting at the edge nearest to you, accordion pleat until the furthest edge.
Step 3: Finding the middle, secure the pleat with your index finger and thumb. Fold the two upper-ends to touch, creating the illusion of a hand-fan.

Step 4: Taking a sea urchin and 24 inches of string place the middle of the string under the root of the fold.
Step 5: Feed the string through the sea urchin’s center. Secure it in place by tying in a knot at the back.

Step 6: Cut any access string and discard.

If you don’t “hoard” sea urchins as I do, and instead need to purchase the shell, I urge you to source from a wholesaler whose shells are sold with ecological certification.

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