Seven Under Thirty

Birthdays. As my husband and I were just discussing, they’re fickle things. Given their relationship to age, many celebrants are either quick to embrace the day or just consider it another on the 365 day calendar. Some even choosing to ignore the milestone altogether, continually referencing their age reached the previous year, or even a few years before that. I’m not pointing any fingers. Yesterday was my birthday and while I looked for a more quiet celebration spent in the company of family I have decided that this year I will place far greater emphasis on the days in-between, therefore creating a list of experiences that will define my last year as a twenty-something:

  • Become a certified open-water diver after enrolling in a PADI scuba diver course on mainland Nassau, New Providence. 
  • Then travel to Andros and dive the third largest barrier reef in the world.
  • Swim with a pod of pilot whales. An addition to the list inspired by my recent conversation with cinematographer, Peter Zuccarini
  • Find the courage to take the leap in to Dean’s blue hole, the world’s deepest inland blue hole located on Long Island, Bahamas. 
  • Swim alongside wild dolphins in Bimini. 
  • In the company of my mum, explore a handful of the out-islands of The Bahamas via mailboat. 
  • Learn to sail as I plan to do just that: sail in to my thirties, literally.

| Photography: Sabrina Lightbourn | Scarf Cardigan: Ynagua |

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