Coconut Curried Conch Chowder

It was just a few short weeks ago, while repeatedly dipping my spoon in to a bowl of piping-hot Coconut Curried Conch Chowder, that I leaned in to the open window at Van Breugel’s┬áso as to catch a sliver of sunlight, for a cold chill was snaking its way up my spine. Of course, while writing this, I have a bead of sweat threatening to blur my vision.

It all but seems that Mother Nature will not entertain the idea of spring, but instead toss us straight into a perpetual summer.

In retrospect I am thankful that on a whim, on that uncharacteristically cool day, I tore myself away from my crowded desk and drove in to a busy and bustling downtown Nassau, if only to savour one of my favourite comfort foods. With a pinch of curry powder and a dash of coconut milk this dish places a spin on traditional Bahamian fare. Ultimately, however, it returns to its roots with the mix of rough chopped potatoes and of course, tenderized conch – pronounced ‘konk’ – all submerged within the bowl’s depths. Finished with strips of fresh basil, the stew delivers robust flavours from top to bottom, beginning to end, and makes for a meal worth sweltering over.

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