Holiday Gift Guide – $100 & Under

1. A sure conversation starter, a gold crab claw ring ($70.28)

2. Mermaid fin flippers for when you swim alongside this underwater mermaid sculpture. ($100.00)

3. My favourite slip-on-slip-off and slip right back on shoes that are perfect for island hopping. (54.00)

4. Bahamas antique map tissue box cover ($58.00)

5. In recognition of my deep-rotted obsession with pineapples, a planter created from the mold of the fruit. ($50.00)

6. A handmade letterpress printed map of Eleuthera ($58.00)

7. Set of 4 agate coasters that are similar in hues to the surrounding waters of the Bahamas. ($29.00)

8 + 9. Set of 6 glasses with removable seagrass sleeve and a pitcher to match ($48.00 + $42.00)

10. Men’s “passport” swim trunks, complete with a Bahamas stamp. ($95.00)

P.S. Under $50 gift guide

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