Father’s Day Gift Guide

1. A cocktail crate from Young’s Champagne containing all the ingredients to help him make an Old Fashioned, including: Mitcher’s Bourbon Whiskey, Scrappy’s Bitters Aromatic, jar of home-made simple syrup and a ready to squeeze orange.

2. For the father who loves travel and adventure but prefers not to be in one place too long – no more than 36 hours to be exact – the New York Times guide to Latin America & The Caribbean.

3. A leather bracelet with a silver-plated clasp to always remind him he’s your anchor.

4. For the chef, Tamarind Bahamas Hot Pepper Tonic. A perfect compliment to his beef or steak.

5. The must-have gift for the outdoor enthusiast, or the dad who just needs to rid himself of his dated camcorder, the GoPro Hero 3 Silver Edition.

6. Whiskey stones to keep his drink chilled throughout the summer, without diluting it of course.

7. An easy to assemble sailing ship kite to ignite his inner-child. Afterwards he may even want to display it on the wall.

8. A classic linen shirt inspired by the islands, because he deserves to always be in style.

9. An afforable model sailboat. A great addition to his man cave, office even.

10. For the sailor or kite-boarder, the WeatherFlow Wind Meter that turns a smart phone in to an anemometer, allowing the user to capture and share wind speed and wind direction throughout social media.

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