Seeing Pineapples

Long considered a symbol of welcome throughout the tropics it is not surprising the Bahamas has a long-standing history with the king of fruits. Regularly spotted on a Bahamian five cent coin, Eleuthera’s own island shield, and as of late this wedding crest it is naturally a part of our everyday lives. Unexpectedly though, when I took to the world wide web in a quest to build on my Pinterest board I was delighted to see that the fruit is currently trending in fashion. Therefore, I’ve put together a collection of some of the fashion items I am currently coveting and of course, given my love for incorporating the fruit into my cooking and cocktails, I’ve included some must-have pantry items.

1. BubuRuby pineapple earrings, $9.00

2. Scotch&Soda leather belt with pineapple closure, $49.00

3. Pasion Tea and Coffee Company Caribbean pineapple rum tea, $7.00

4. Bottica pineapple necklace, $150.00

5. Tortuga pineapple rum cake, $24.95

6. Williams-Sonoma stainless steel pineapple slicer & dicer, $19.95

7. Bottica pineapple ring, $170.00

8. Cynthia Rowley pineapple tee, $55.00

9. Park Lane pineapple slipper shoes, $66.69

10. Daniel Corte pineapple ramble one piece or punta bustier, $195.00/ $98.00

11. Rolf glass Pineapple Coolers, $41.99 (also available on New Providence Island at Kelly’s)

12. Anne Taylor pineapple silk scarf, $49.50

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