Flash Tattoo

I must admit I am that girl who wears layers of jewelry on the beach, in the ocean, on a boat – with my thoughts floating in tune with the pitch and roll of the sea. Then again, if there is real drama at sea I’m likely clutching said bauble. While some find this absurd and impractical – few have dared to intone such – I look to my modern day treasures as a true form of self-expression and therefore no matter the topography, by land or by sea, I wish never to be without them.

Flash Tattoo_Vanessa Pritchard 700 Experience Flash Tattoo_Vanessa Pritchard 700 Experience2 Clifton Pier Bahamas_ResizedFlash Tattoo_Clifton Pier BahamasClifton Pier Bahamas_Flash TattooJewelry Inspired Tattoos_The 700 Experience Naturally imagine my enchantment when I discovered Flash Tattoo, jewelry inspired temporary tattoos that are waterproof and designed to weather the elements of sun, sand and sea – my preferred uniform. The collection is infused with that distinctively Boho Chic blend of unconventional and hippie, and as the tattoos themselves can be worn in layers it is a true call to the fashion style.

Flash Tattoo_AndMarie PhotographyFlash Tattoo_AndMarie Photography BahamasFlash Tattoo_700 Experience Bahamas

 The assortment of tattoos encourage combinations be created with imagination and dash of confidence at the helm. Moreover the top reason for my recent love affair with this accessory, and what will likely become yours, is that I need not worry that the ocean will claim my treasure as she has done to many pirates in bygone eras.

|PURCHASE| Flash Tattoo |PHOTOGRAPHY| by AndMarie |ON LOCATION| Clifton Pier + Compass Point |CREATIVE DIRECTION| Vanessa Pritchard

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