Island Shade

In addition to palm trees, boat canvas canopies and wide brimmed straw hats, there is the outdoor umbrella. What is considered to be a summer essential in some parts of the world is a year-round essential here, in The Bahamas. You can think of this as a round-up of said umbrellas or a guide to defining your outdoor style. Whatever you deem it to be, I have no doubt you’ll a find shade under which you can enjoy your summertime libations.

1. Hand selected by Jennifer Treco, owner of Seaglass Interiors. With this classic outdoor umbrella you’ll be seeing square and clean lines beautifully defined by a touch of green. Available on JANUS et Cie in 8′ or 10′. (Price Upon Request)

2. LOCALLY available at Kelly’s House & Home in assorted colours this 9′ Wood Market Umbrella will never go out of style. Available in cream, red, blue or green. ($85.99)

3. Bahama rays meet Balinese inspired shade with this patterned outdoor umbrella. LOCALLY available at the Island Store in the Old Fort Bay Town Centre – Nassau, New Providence. (P, M, L – $125.00, $375.00, $650.00)

4. Giving new meaning to the term “fringe benefits” this traditional Balinese temple umbrella is sure to give you maximum shade with dimensions reaching 70′. Available at Zen Deluxe. ($292.00)

5. Take your “beach balls” poolside with this chi chi pom-pom trimmed umbrella and block the sun in style. Available in black, yellow and grey at Bellamee. (159.00)

6. Classic stripes in black and white are always a safe bet. Available at Z Gallerie. ($249.00)

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