She Shack

Chairish asked if I would curate a collection inspired by my very own woman cave. Naturally, I leapt at the invitation. But rather than a dim room tucked in the corner of our home, I envisioned a ‘She Shack’: a one story, one room, thatched structure a few steps from the beach. After all, it’s a romantic, not entirely realistic idea my husband and I’ve casually toyed with. I can see it now, creating a modest spot of refuge from the burning sun, where a moment, or even a better part of the day could be enjoyed with a chilled libation in hand; what I can’t see however is being able to keep the husband, and eventually children, out.

1. Travel backgammon set for those days that mother nature requires we spend them indoors ($40)

2. 1960s woven peackcock chair ($129)

3. Brass shells to hold trinkets and treasures ($79)

4. A boho chic hanging rattan chair to suspend in a corner ($360)

5. For the walls, some dark, tongue in cheek, humor in the form of an original 1975 ‘Jaws’ Film Poster ($695)

6. A set of 4 highball glasses that toast piracy and a long storied past ($250)

7. A Mid-century 1960s rattan-rolling bar cart that begs to be layered with #8-#11 + #14 ($475)

8. Grasscloth ice bucket with bamboo tongs ($75)

9. Vintage water pitcher ($75)

10. Silver plated julep cups ($199)

11. Vintage silver palm tray ($75)

12. A rattan basket for discarded dirty towels ($90)

13. A cast iron sign that will surely get the point across ($60)

14. Spanish woven glass decanter ($200)

15. A rattan rectangular basket for clean rolled-towels ($100)

16. French red stripe lumbar pillows to bring comfort to #2 + #4 ($243)

17. The pineapple, my talisman, in the form of a brass box ($115)

18. A Vintage 1950s wooden pie storage crate, to display my ever growing collection of shells ($150.00)

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