Abaco Gold Jewelry

In my teenage years I coveted the gold conch-shell charm that hung from my mother’s neck, a gift from my father to commemorate her twenty-first birthday. Perhaps I loved it then because at that early of an age an appreciator of understated and simplistic style was being born. No, that is just my adulthood speaking and enjoying the thought of having such intuition and more figured out then, in my youth, than I do now. Regardless still to this day, now having a chain strung gold conch-shell to call my own, I consider it a staple piece which brings a touch of elegance to any outfit, understated no less as this is jewelry that you wear, not jewelry that wears you.

That said, little did I know until my recent stay at the Abaco Beach Resort at Boat Harbour in Marsh Harbour that only a few steps away you could purchase such a conch-shell charm or choose from over 500 handcrafted nautical and sea life designs in the Sand Dollar Shoppe. Abaco Gold jewelry is the definition of cottage industry with original designs being hand carved in wax and casted by lost wax method, all produced from start to finish on location. For those of you who find value in authorship and provenance of original handcrafts as much as you do price and convenience you will appreciate that the designing and manufacturing of the 14kt gold jewelry is done so by second generation designer and jewelers, who also happen to be ninth generation Abaconians.

You don’t have to be seaside to make a purchase, although we know you would prefer to be. To browse the collection visit here. The Sand Dollar Shoppe is located in Marsh Harbour, Abaco.

P.S. A photo of my lovely parents and the conch-shell charm that in many ways served as the catalyst for my “less is more” attitude towards style. 


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