DIY Gold Pineapple Candle Holder

Anyone who knows me, and not necessarily all that well, can attest that I have an affinity for gold and pineapples. Naturally when I spotted this vintage brass pineapple candle holder during one of my hour long Etsy hunts I immediately wanted to place it in my cart and check out as quickly as possible; not waging a war with my inner conscience for a minute longer. Then again island living doesn’t really encourage such overseas impulse buys, for three to five days of shipping can turn in to three to five weeks, and a modest candle holder is likely to see the inside of a truck, plane, and for those residing in the out-islands a boat, and possibly even a smaller boat. However, needless to say, what it does encourage is creativity, giving new meaning to instant gratification and lending to a far plumper pocket book.

What you’ll need: a pineapple, gold spray paint (I also like the idea of white and a gradation similar to this), and a taper candle.

Step 1: Create a cradle for the candle by getting a firm hold on the tips of the pineapple’s center leaves and twisting 360 degrees. Should you need a larger opening simply remove a few more leaves.

Step 2: Spray paint the pineapple evenly, making sure to get the tops and undersides of the leaves.

Step 3: Once the spray paint has dried place taper candle in the cradle.

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