Leaning Frames

Interior design, depending on the individual, can serve as a deeply personal representation. Of one’s tastes, preferences, and style DNA. In this case it represents an “us.”

A first for me. And for him.

A few months ago boxes containing personal collections of photographs, paintings, and books arrived to our newly renovated apartment – a blank canvas of sorts. Shortly thereafter negotiations began, at times wavering on intense, but always carried out with the upmost intended affection. We found to harbour a love for details – in all things, photography of the “old bahamas” and a design style that doesn’t lack the feeling of being personal – even when carried out under not one, but two meticulous eyes.

As always can be said about inspiration, it has a starting point and on there a personal stamp is placed. When it came to our abundance of frames we found to be most inspired by how their counterparts leaned against the dining room wall of the Dunmore Beach Club. How they drew the eye from floor to ceiling in “Treehouse” yet another escape designed by Bahamas based interior designer Amanda Lindroth – the latter where she actually calls home. Then we looked to India Hicks’ “Hibiscus Hill” for inspiration, appreciating the unexpected dimension her double row gallery brings to her otherwise formal dining room.

We wished to incorporate similar design elements in our home and not just in one, but the few rooms of our apartment. For there is never enough wall-space. So from there began my search for galleries that could be easily updated, and this is what I found. What has inspired several new creations.

Amanda Lindroth Home InteriorsDunmore Beach Club Harbour Island_Amanda LindrothAmanda Lindroth Home Interiors_Leaning FramesIndia Hicks HomeLeaning Frames on an Easel_Amanda Lindroth Interiors2

Tell me which design element do you love most?

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