BOGO: Free Travel To The Out-Islands

Picture this. Inside, protected from the harsh cold of the outdoors, and the chill that cuts right through you, over a casual dinner with your fellow love, after talks of ordinary things, the tone turns to one of excitement. For you have asked her to join you on a trip to an unexplored corner of the world, the Bahamas to be exact.

“Where in the islands do you want to celebrate Saint Valentine?” you ask – it falls on a weekend after all.

The options endless as the ocean they interrupt, the need for adventure at an all time high, you list: swimming with pigs in the Exumas, fearlessly jumping hand-in-hand in to the world’s deepest inland blue hole in Long Island, extended walks on pink sand beaches in Eleuthera and dotting in and out of the third largest barrier reef in the world if visiting Andros.

What you don’t tell her is while you’ll pay for her plane ticket, yours is in fact – free.

All that you’ll have to do is to book with one of these participating hotels.

(Oh, and P.S. you can thank me later.)

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