Summer Mango Crostata

In the islands, mango season can be seen in the trees weighed heavily with the tropical fruit. When ripened their skin competing with the poincianas currently also in bloom overhead; that and in the mouths of children, who with outstretched arms hang perilously over fences in hopes of snagging a handful of the summer fruit. It can also be seen in our kitchen where a straw-woven basket sits filled to the brim, each fruit appearing to be near their peak of ripeness, some even a day or two “old”. Then again, it was just last week that I was saying mangoes taste better when savoured in the ocean and while snap shots of my island life may suggest otherwise, I do not find myself in the sea every day. Therefore in preparation of the season, when summer’s bounty at times yields more than one can belly, I found this dessert recipe which welcomes an addition of overly ripe mangoes and calls for few ingredients, not even including eggs or milk, allowing you to whip it up on whim just as I did.

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