Cape Eleuthera

Do consider this an introduction to a new series. Every Tuesday I, or a professional photographer, will take you to a corner of The Bahamas worthy of inclusion on your Island Itinerary. For there exist experiences lived beyond my own which beg to be highlighted.

Cape Eleuthera Marina + Villas is long deserving of being added to The Experience List. For no the more reason than because it is a deep-water and full service marina which beckons avid boaters and charter yachts to experience the entire length of Eleuthera by sea, something I have yet to do. As I was just on the 110 mile island last month a return trip isn’t in the cards for a while, at least until April, so to tie me over until then I’ll live vicariously through Stacy Childers Photography
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From Stacy Childers Photography…We were blessed with the opportunity to visit Eleuthera by boat to celebrate the holidays with our daughter CC who works aboard the 100 ft Yacht Georgiana out of NY. The Yacht is docked at Cape Eleuthera for the winter, taking week long private charters to the outer islands. We loved the Cape for its beautiful white cottages surrounding the cove and it was so secluded. The beaches are filled with seashells and if you wait for low tide you can walk out on the sand bar and gather pockets full of sea biscuits, spectacular coral and conch shells.

Since our trip was a bit spontaneous I had no idea what to except but, upon arriving I realized I had landed on the exact island  from my favorite book “Island Life” by India Hicks.

A day trip to Harbour Island to visit the Landing Hotel and a quick shoot of the most amazing tree that was featured in the book was a must. It sits just off shore, alone in an ocean of blue green water and is stunning! Check that one off the bucket list! Harbour Island is such a vibrant little town with great restaurants and bright colored resorts and you have to stop by the bar at the Valentines Resort Marina for a Dark & Stormy, a traditional drink to the Caribbean and sailors around the world. Thank you Neil, first mate of the boat for telling us the story!

One of the things I loved most was getting to know the kind people of Eleuthera especially near the Cape where the boat is docked. They are rich with stories of the history of the Island and its many famous visitors.

If you have the opportunity drive the entire island it is so worth it from the Cape to the villages of Rock Sounds and Governor’s Harbour, then passing over the Glass Window Bridge. It’s is a small stretch of road that has the gulf on one side and the Atlantic on the other…unforgettable. A 5 minute ferry ride on the other side and you are on Harbour island.

Traveling by Yacht to see this most beautiful place was a dream, and for this photographer the trip of a lifetime. So grateful and can’t wait to return!

My Eleuthera Itinerary:

Visitors to the island for a mere 24 hr must see. . .Harbour Island for its colorful island town and pink sand beaches.

The best place to grab a drink. . .Valentines Resort & Marina on Harbour Island.

My Island Look. . .Simple light and airy dress over a swimsuit, rainbows and of course my camera.

My Escape Essentials. . .sunscreen, hat, swimsuit and flip flops.

My Favorite Souvenir. . .the beautiful seashells and large sea sponge I found on the sand bar in Cape Eleuthera.

Test best stretch of beach. . .lighthouse point on the southern tip of Eleuthera, it is gorgeous.

My Favourite Restaurant. . .we cooked on the boat every night but I cannot wait to return and visit The Cove Eleuthera. The Crew said the chefs there work magic!

Thank you Stacy for being a part of The Experience.

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