Weekend Travelgram – Eleuthera

As mentioned this past Friday my fiancé and I flew to Eleuthera. The purpose of the trip being more a personal expedition as opposed to a professional endeavor. Meaning we weren’t on the 110 mile island to review a vacation rental, hotel or restaurant, nor check off an excursion on The Experience List.

Naturally though the desire to inspire travel to the islands of The Bahamas was ever present.

It was felt at The Beach House, under a mirrorball magnifying the rays of the sun, in sight of a sign that read “any closer and I would be in heaven.” In my opinion a testament stating the obvious as an endless stretch of sand and the Atlantic ocean, where a pair of dolphins are known to frequently frolic, are but a few steps away. During not one, but two lazy lunches, we enjoyed the tapas inspired menu: curry chickpea salad, smoked salmon bruschetta, greek salad without the lettuce, and shrimp stuffed goat cheese wrapped in prosciutto.

Then again it was felt at Tippy’s Restaurant & Bar, where George Clooney and Hugh Laurie were said to have dined just earlier that week. Post dinner Laurie on the restaurant’s keyboard and Clooney at the bar – or so the locals say. On the night we were there the two, who are currently on-island filming Disney’s Tomorrowland were nowhere in sight, but the live entertainment was too good to be overshadowed by celebrities. On the menu: duck pâté, conch and baby spinach stuffed ravioli in a cream sauce, and sesame encrusted seared tuna.

As for the before-and-after and the in-between times the days were spent getting better acquainted with Governor’s Harbour and exploring the settlements to the south. We never did make it to Lighthouse Beach with a picnic in tow – as previously planned – but an equally notable experience was recognized at low tide, on the shallows snuggled between Windermere Island and Savannah Sound, where an ideal bone-fishing flat can be waded in at two feet or less. That was before a visit to The Island Farm where cinnamon rolls and fresh mint for afternoon mojitos were purchased, all of which we would late devour on our return to Buccaneer Hill.

Did you do any traveling in The Bahamas this weekend?
I know Sam & Scott, two recent commentators on The Experience List did.

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