Jewel Wired Octopus

It is no surprise that I harbour a deeply rooted appreciation for carefully thought out but not always practical visual displays, especially as I prefer to entertain on a table laid out with the same care an art director gives to a film set. I mention the not always practical as my fiancé regularly points out that my 4 ice buckets are 3 too many and because when I think of Shine – a boutique located on Harbour Island – I instantly covet their delicate rings perched on sea eggs and jewel wired octopuses, both which beg the question, how ever will I try that on, and more importantly – how ever will I carry that home?

It was a little over a year ago, I was on my way to the famous Lone Tree and the word “Shine” caught my attention, then again, how could it not? After all it’s a boutique marked by a mirrored sign that reflects the ever changing tide, and against its unpainted clapboard siding stands a display of vibrant colours in the form of quilted throws, tie dyed pillows and billowing caftans. Turning the shop’s doorknob I was drawn in to a sea of shells and jellyfish suspended from the ceiling, each hovering over tables of hand-made jewelry and a menagerie of vases and votives. As I was then – and as I’m sure I will be on all future island visits – I recall being overcome with feelings parallel to those experienced when stepping in to Anthropologie, a state-side retail favourite of mine. Shine, as does Anthropologie, gives evidence that beauty is not always practical, imagination exists to question practicality, but more so to inspire. So consider this a dedication to the impractical souvenir, the jewel wired octopus that should make its way back to you mainland – wherever in the world that may be.

The one that will evoke memories of your own visit to Harbour Island. Is that not the purpose of a souvenir after all?

P.S. Island Directions – Shine is located next to The Pineapple Fruit + Veg store, across the street from Queen Conch and not far from the Lone Tree on Girl’s Bank.

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