Island Inspirations – 5 Capture Worthy

Each week is being met with a new layer of excitement. Yesterday having joined the Ministry of Tourism and Out Island Promotion Board in welcoming a crew of cruise-loving social media enthusiast I felt a new wave of inspiration with each Tweet; inspiration to continue on my quest to draw awareness to those authentic experiences that take you beyond the commercialized wonders of The Bahamas and inspiration to board the 2013 Sea Tweetup cruise on the Norwegian Sky, on which I would cruise with link-minded travelers who share a common passion. This week in celebration of the seven-hundreth follower on Facebook I will unveil a new feature on the blog, one that will surely serve even the most weathered sailor who has island hopped and charted his own map, with sextant in hand. Experienced or not – boater or not – this will be a guide for those in search of experiences unique to The Bahamas. With December not far in the distance, my travel log will see pen to paper when I travel as far south to Inagua and return to Cat Island for more than 24 hours. For now though to share with you my inspiration that will guide me through the week.

– For the romantic at heart Sailors’ Valentines is a book for your shelf,  it will also be available in The 700 Experience Boutique –

– Like the many travelers before them, when exiting Nassau’s harbour yesterday the Sea Tweetup crew cruise passed this lighthouse on Paradise Island – formerly called Hog Island. Did you know this lighthouse, built in 1817, is the oldest in The Bahamas? It is also the oldest surviving lighthouse in the West Indies for that matter –

– Planning an Island “I DO” wedding? This nautical R.S.V.P. may just inspire you as it has inspired me –

– Sneak peek! With revving up for December’s Speed Week Revival it was time I shared this photograph. This Aston Martin will be shipped in for the 9 day event, will you be there? –

– With the opening of  The 700 Experience Boutique on the horizon I am on the hunt for inspiration,
Sibella Court’s book Etcetera Etc. does not disappoint. Tradewinds being my favourite chapter, naturally  –

Have a wonderful week!

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