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– 25.0333° N, 77.4000° W – Nassau, New Providence – Those that know me well can attest to my constant need to boast that Morton Salt – yes the one currently sitting in your cupboard -originates from The Bahamas. With production of nearly 5,000 to 6,000 tons of salt a day – a total of 1.2 millions tons a year from the Salinas on the island of Inagua – I am needless to say writing this with my head held high, a puffed out chest and all. This said, it should come as no surprise when I tell you I jumped at the chance to experience the natural resource being used in the most unconventional way, and in a start-up business no less.

Arriving to The Salt Room I’m a skeptic, even though I am aware their form of alternative medicine is currently making waves in the U.S. and Europe. I find myself opening the spa’s door to be greeted by Jonathan Cancino, General Manager and an investor in the project. Cancino readily explains that the idea came from workers in the salt mines back in the 1800s, “a Polish physician documented that workers in salt mines had much lower rates of lung disease and attributed the cause of their good health to the salt cave air that was saturated with salt particles. Soon thereafter speleotherapy, the therapeutic use of salt caves, became a drug-free testament for many chronic lung and skin conditions.” Intrigued by the therapy’s history I begin the customary tour for first time visitors, my eyes  immediately sweeping over well appointed interiors that enhance the soothing process. I walk past a children’s playroom complete with a salt covered floor that begs for salt angels to be made and the sound of a laughter to fill the air. Before entering one of the four salt rooms a few minutes later I tour an area where Dermalogica skin and massage therapy treatments can be enjoyed.

Lounging in the NASA inspired zero-gravity recliner, feet elevated at heart level, I am surrounded by floor to ceiling salt covered surfaces. In little time I will say the same about my now relaxed body that is rid of harmful bacteria. If it weren’t for the alternate nose breathing which has been practiced for centuries in yoga – a practice which in this room I am now becoming an expert at – I would be oblivious to the unobtrusive therapy pouring through the halogenerators; the locally produced salt being pulverized with the sole goal of entering my expanding lungs. Forty five minutes later with a magazine in hand, having mastered the art of deep breathing – by my account – I find myself reading the last of Martha Stewart’s take on al fresco dining and listening to final notes of Clair De Lune’s piano score. I am the most relaxed I have felt in ages and to think I have yet to experience The Salt Room’s Dermalogica body treatments. No longer a skeptic I will have to schedule a return to the business that is bringing the earth to the doorstep of our urban community.

P.S. – The Salt Room Bahamas is located in The Harbour Bay Shopping Plaza, Nassau, New Providence.

P.P.S – Experience Tip – Private rooms and the “Spa-rty” package are available for groups. I highly recommend that The Salt Room be included on the itinerary of those Island “I DO” brides that are in search of activities to do with their bridesmaids before the big day. Especially those brides that are waist deep in pre-wedding entertaining and have enjoyed one too many late nights, this treatment will help relieve symptoms of cold & flu, cough etc.

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