The 700 Experience Welcomes Lindroth Development Company Ltd.

It is with much excitement that I introduce Lindroth Development Company Ltd. as a new interactive advertiser. Much excitement is actually quite the understatement considering the development company is the force behind what is undoubtedly one of the most talked about communities being developed in The Bahamas at the moment. Led by visionary Orjan Lindroth, on Great Abaco island – the northern most point of the out-islands in The Bahamas – a community called Schooner Bay is stirring among the bone-fishing flats of the Bahama Banks’ and the pristine wilderness that The Abacos are famous for.

Schooner Bay will occupy 220 acres between Marsh Harbour to the north and the rural fishing villages to the south. Offering lots ranging from $100,000 to 4 million, developer Orjan Lindroth points out that in most developments with $4 million homes, the low end of the spectrum is usually about $1 million. “This creates a monoculture,” he explains. “We have buyers in their twenties and in their seventies. We have American vacationers, Canadian fisherman, Swiss bankers, Bahamian professionals, local artists, environmental engineers, musicians, writers, marine scientists. One of the flaws of most developments is that they target a certain group. Real places have a diverse population.”

Let me paint a picture for you of what a day of your life would be like as a community member of Schooner Bay.

It’s morning, your standing out on your porch, coffee in hand and looking out to the Atlantic Ocean. With your home sitting among their migratory path you hear the call of the Abaco parrots overhead. As an experiencer of true island living and thanks to your recent tour with naturalist guide Ricky, also owner of Abaco Nature Tours, you know that Abaco parrots are “colonial” birds and travel together in flocks, it is rare to see one solo. Walking on the outskirts of the 14-acre harbour – home to 175 berths for boats – you enjoy a mid-morning stroll and head towards the Schooner Beach Club for a swim in the Atlantic Ocean. Children pass on bicycles, laughter in the air, it’s a scene of summer – although a year-round one in this climate. You stop to marvel at the 50 businesses located at the highest elevation and take pride in being a part of a community that understands the importance of form-based-coding. On your way back you wave and stop to chat to neighbors sitting on their porch, neighbors who are friends, and not so by default. Here you are surrounded by like minded home-owners looking for a certain quality of life. Back at your  home you enjoy architecture influenced by the old Bahamas and well appointed interiors by Amanda Lindroth, recent Island Connoisseur and wife to developer Orjan Lindroth. You are conscious about your carbon footprint. Taking pride in lessening your reliance on air-conditioning with the welcome of the cool island breeze coming off the Atlantic Ocean to blow through your louvered porch shutters. Dinner tonight is from farm to table as the village is host to a 100 acre farm, as well as a farmers marketing selling fresh grown carrots, sweet potato, broccoli, and the ripest red tomatoes. The hot island peppers smothering the blackened grouper caught just that morning will leave you running to the tap to fill your glass with more water. Dessert is enjoyed on beach with toes in the sand and a marshmallow ended twig in the bonfire.

Now tell me can you see yourself here?

Join me as I chart the development of this community village. In the coming months I will write about the construction of the Black Fly Bonefish Club, art + musical events, and how Schooner Bay is returning to the functional and beautiful forms of traditional Bahamian architecture and interior design.

Thank you to Schooner Bay for being a part of the experience, I look forward to playing a part in your progress.

Learn more about Schooner Bay
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For ferries to Abaco visit Bahamas Ferries

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