Island Inspirations – Queen Elizabeth II Approved

This past weekend was a long-weekend for us islanders, as it was the weekend before. Yes we can be regarded as professionals when it comes to these three day stints. Over the weekend I found myself sitting seaside around a table talking about the old Bahamas, many of us nostalgic of days gone by, especially so when looking at this site. With the world celebrating the Queen’s 60-year reign that feeling is at its height. So much in fact that I will not keep to my “rule” of featuring 5 images in my “Island Inspirations – 5 Capture Worthy” series but at this time I choose to recognize the granting of seventeen regional island shields by Queen Elizabeth II – note a total of 18 were granted, however, I am having a delay in locating the last one. These shields were granted upon Independence from the British in 1973 to be displayed at the Independence Day celebration. Each was designed to reflect the island’s individual cultural heritage. It is with much pride that I be the one to display these regional island shields considering very little is to be found about them on the web. In fact, to my knowledge until this post there were no high-res images of the shields available on the World Wide Web. Later in the week I will show you how these shields can serve as inspiration for an Island “I DO” wedding invitation and are being used to inspire various projects across the archipelago. I would like to congratulate Queen Elizabeth II on her 60-year reign and for being a highly respected monarch worldwide.

Which island shield design is your favourite?

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